Service Now Adding Charge Site to Records and Forms

April 15, 2018

Since the implementation of ServiceNow, we have encountered some challenges with getting the data we need to complete charge back reports. So beginning Tuesday afternoon, we will add a "Charge Site" field to every task record and form in ServiceNow.

The Charge Site field will correlate to the site(s) for which the work is being completed. For example, if the task is for New Hanover Medical Group, you would select New Hanover Medical Group. The Charge Site choice is not specific to the physical address of the Charge Site. This means that even though New Hanover Medical Group has five physical addresses, they will only be listed as one in the Charge Site list.

This mandatory field will appear on every Service Catalog item on the Client Portal as well as Incident, Request, Change, Demand, and Project. Click the magnifying glass to see a list of Charge Site options. If you open a task after the implementation of the new field, you will need to update the field to save the task. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can the Charge Site be changed once entered?

Yes, the Charge Site can be changed up until the task is closed. If the person working the task notices an incorrect Charge Site, it should be changed. NOTE:  If you are working a request, you MUST make the Charge Site change on the SCTASK. Once saved, it will propagate back the RITM and the Request. 

What if the task I am working on covers more than one Charge Site?

There are times when a task may be identified by one site but the end-product may benefit more than one site. If the result of completing the task covers more than one Charge Site, you would select from the following:

Multiple Sites Charge Site
 Across Multiple Ambulatory Sites Ambulatory Combined
Across NHRMC and Pender Inpatient Combined
Across the Network Network


Charge Site List:


Affiliate Locations—used when someone from Non-NHRMC practice calls for outside support.
(i.e. staff from provider
offices who may be calling regarding EpicCare Link)

Ambulatory Combined

Atlantic Fetal Medicine

Atlantic Urology

Cape Fear Heart Associates

Cape Fear Cancer Specialists

Coastal Carolina Radiation Oncology

Coastal Family Medicine

Coastal OBGYN Specialists Midwifery

Coastal Pulmonary Medicine

Coastal Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

Coastal Thoracic Surgery

Glen Meade Center for Women’s Health

Hanover Gastroenterology

Inpatient Combined


New Hanover Gynecologic Oncology

New Hanover Medical Group

New Hanover Regional Medical Center---Used for all NHRMC Locations—17th Street Campus, Ortho Campus,
Rehab Sites, H&D Sites, Medical Mall, Support Services. Can also be used if non-NHRMC practice provider calls for
support within the tower.

NHRMC HomeCare

NHRMC PG-Neurology

NHRMC PG-Rheumatology

NHRMC Physician Specialists-General Surgery Specialists

NHRMC Physician Specialists-Internal Medicine Specialists

NHRMC Physician Specialists-Maxillofacial Surgery

NHRMC Physician Specialists-OB/GYN Specialists

Onslow Oncology

Pender Memorial Hospital—all Pender departments excluding NHRMC HomeCare

Pender Primary Care

PMH Physician Specialists-General Surgery Specialists

PMH Physician Specialists-OB/Gyn Specialists

Wrightsville Beach Family Medicine

Zimmer Cancer Center