Initiatives Implemented to Improve Flow and Throughput at NHRMC

May 14, 2018
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As NHRMC’s inpatient volume continues to grow, we are working to find new ways of helping our patients move efficiently through our system while getting outstanding care every step of the way. With the support of our medical staff and employees we have made significant progress in managing record numbers of patients. But with population and demographic trends showing the potential for even higher volumes, we know our work is far from complete.

New initiatives

To this end, NHRMC has implemented several initiatives to help our patients receive the right care in the right setting as efficiently as possible.

Some of the initiatives:

Observation Unit

Interdisciplinary Rounding

Skilled Nursing Transition

Discharge Lounge

Versus Technology


These initiatives are part of an intensive, integrated project to address the challenges and opportunities ahead. With your help, we know we can meet the needs of our growing community while also supporting our physicians and staff in their work and well-being. 

Areas of Focus

We have selected the Advisory Board as a partner in this effort and identified four key areas of focus, which are being led by physician and administrative team leaders:

  • Access and Bed Management – De Winter, MD and Sarah Brannan
  • Case Management – Amy Messier, MD and Sejal Patel, MD
  • Inpatient Unit Length of Stay – Mesha Chadwick, MD and Amy Akers
  • Interdisciplinary Rounds – Charmaine Lewis, MD and Mary Ellen Bonczek 

Each of the teams will work with our physician partners and related entities to improve capacity, further streamline patient flow and enhance quality and satisfaction.  Please share your ideas and support team decisions to help ensure this important work is successful. This is truly an effort that requires the commitment and support of each leader, employee and member of our medical staff. We must work together to identify and implement more solutions that allow us to provide the highest level of care to a growing number of patients.

Project Plan and Scorecard

Click here for the May Progress Update.