Pediatric Unit Creates Interactive Pain Management Tool

March 01, 2018
Pediatric Parade

NHRMC’s Pediatric Unit has unveiled a new collaborative pain management tool to help patients, families and staff identify and communicate ways to distract from and reduce the patient’s pain.

The laminated sheet will be centrally located in each patient’s room and will be a focal point in creating an individualized plan for pain management.

The colorful tool lists non-pharmaceutical comfort measures, including stuffed animals, rocking/holding, music/singing, pet therapy, quiet environment, a virtual reality headset, deep breathing, active play and rewards. Patients and families can check off which measures work best for them as well as write in something else, such as calling a grandparent or looking at a photo of a loved one or a favorite pet.

Patients, families, staff and members of the Pediatric Family Advisory Council kicked off the new campaign Thursday with a parade complete with bubbles, drums and therapy dogs through the halls of the Pediatric Unit.

The unit has been focused on improving communication around pain management and has been monitoring their CAHPS Hospital Survey scores to measure their success. The Pediatric Family Advisory Council has served as “the voice” of the customer by providing recommendations and direction in problem solving and planning.

The unit will officially start using the tool on Monday.

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