First Friday Readers Needed

February 28, 2018

Tomorrow is First Friday reading day at Rachel Freeman Elementary School at 2601 Princess Place Drive. For those of you excited about joining the NHRMC Mission Corps, here is an excellent opportunity to volunteer.

All you do is show up at the school gymnasium – which is the right side of campus – at 8:15 a.m. No prior volunteer training is needed. You will be given a small number of children, ages K-2 grade, to read with, then will read in a 3-5 grade classroom. This time, the children read to you.

It means so much to these children to have adults come read with them. It also supports these teachers in this high-poverty school. You’re done by 9:30, and if you need a meeting space immediately after, the principal can give us space. This is an excellent “trial run” for further involvement in high-poverty schools, and a great chance for departments to try an activity together.

Please contact Sandy Andrews when you are there so we can get an accurate head count. Many thanks in advance.


-- Mission Corps leadership