Express Your Appreciation with #DocDayNHRMC

March 01, 2018

Doctors’ Day is March 31, and throughout the month of March and you have an opportunity to share your appreciation.

Our doctors are pretty amazing people. They perform cancer studies, volunteer with non-profit groups, donate to worthy causes, climb mountains, and run marathons. Most importantly, they provide excellent care to thousands of patients every day. They devote their lives to the health of our community, and we truly appreciate what they do.

We invite every one of you to participate in the #docdaynhrmc campaign by submitting photos of the physicians you admire, respect, and love working with.


The photos can be selfies or group shots, taken in the office or hospital or out in the community – wherever you can catch them. Just take a moment to let them know you want to spread the news of how wonderful they are. Encourage your teammates to participate, too. We want to hear from as many people as possible!

Participating is easy:
1. Choose your platform - the #docdaynhrmc campaign will be active on Facebook, Yammer, Instagram and Twitter.
2. Snap a picture of you or a co-worker with your favorite doctor, and post it with your message of appreciation
3. Add the hashtag #docdaynhrmc to your post

We are hoping to have hundreds of messages flooding social media throughout March and letting everyone know how devoted and talented our doctors are. Then, in celebration of the actual day, we will be using these photos to create a special tribute to the Medical Staff of NHRMC.

Check out who has already been participating by searching #docdaynhrmc on any of our social platforms to see what photos your colleagues have already posted!