Andrew Wright Promoted Within Airlink/VitaLink

January 31, 2018

Andrew Wright has been named Manager of PR Outreach and Business Development for AirLink/VitaLink.

AirLink can care for critical and injured patients who need to be transferred from one facility to another or who need immediate evacuation from the site of an incident. VitaLink is NHRMC’s rolling intensive care unit, the vehicle that delivers care to and transports the most distressed patients.

Wright came to NHRMC from Raleigh as a paramedic in 2004. He was transferred to AirLink/VitaLink in 2008 and became a Critical Care Transport Paramedic. In 2009, he obtained his Flight Paramedic Certification and began flying with AirLink.

Wright fills the position that opened when Erin Balzotti was promoted to Director of Volunteer Services.

In his new role, Wright will work to build and sustain relationships with Airlink/VitaLink’s referring hospitals, EMS and fire departments.

“I wanted the opportunity to grow this department to the best of my ability and to have our employees become enthusiastic about helping out,” Wright said.

He is eager to meet face-to-face with the organizations that rely on AirLink/VitaLink to transfer their patients.

“I want to help them get the services they need as quickly as possible and for them to continue to call our Regional Transfer Center to have AirLink and VitaLink transfer their patients,” Wright said.

In 2017, NHRMC received the Mission: Lifeline EMS Gold Plus Award from the American Heart Association for getting quality care to heart patients in a timely manner. For the third time, NHRMC EMS and AirLink VitaLink Critical Care Transport teams received the highest Mission: Lifeline award possible.