Questions about Employee Benefits? Call the Hotline

January 22, 2018

On January 1, some benefits changes took effect. Our medical plans are now administered by UnitedHealthcare and our mail-order prescription service is now MedImpact. If you need any assistance with these changes or have any questions about your benefits, please call the benefits hotline at (910) 667-6000.

Here is a brief look at What's New in Benefits. All of this information and more is available at

UnitedHealthcare and MedImpact Prescription Benefits

Effective January 1, 2018, the new medical plan administrator for NHRMC and PMH is UnitedHealthcare (UHC), replacing Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. In addition, the prescription plan administrator has transitioned to MedImpact, replacing Prime. 

Please remember that our partners have changed, but 
our medical and prescription plans remain the same.

For 2018, we did not increase co-pays, annual deductibles, coinsurance, out-of-pocket maximums, prescription co-pays or employee contributions. We also continue to offer the Healthy Lifestyles Plan along with the incredible programs offered through the Employee Fitness Center. This is a reflection of NHRMC’s commitment to leading our community to outstanding health. That commitment starts with you and your family. 

To ensure that your claims are processed correctly, please be sure to provide your new health insurance information to your doctors and pharmacies!  

United Healthcare Coverage

  • Employees who have enrolled in medical benefits for 2018 should have received UnitedHealthcare membership cards by mail at their home address.
  • If you have not received your cards or you need additional cards, visit You can register using your membership ID number or your Social Security number. NHRMC's group number is 912922; Pender Memorial's group number is 912952.
  • For employees enrolled in the NHRMC Medical Plan, please note that your UHC card will reflect a $35 co-pay for office visits.  Please rest assured that this is the co-pay for non-NHRMC physicians / groups.  You will continue to have a $25 co-pay for NHRMC physician office visits.

Prescription Information

  • Your UnitedHealthcare membership card and identification number can also be used for prescription benefits. You will not receive a separate MedImpact prescription card.
  • If you need to fill a prescription and you do not have your UnitedHealthcare card, provide the pharmacy the following information:
  1. Prescription Benefit Administrator: MedImpact 
  2. Rx Bin: 003585
  3. Rx PCN: ASPROD1
  4. Rx Group -- NHRMC: PHI23
    Rx Group -- Pender Memorial: PHI24

For help finding a pharmacy or estimating the cost of your medications, you can visit

NHRMC members can contact MedImpact, our new prescription plan administrator, at (888) 254-8850.

Pender Memorial members can contact MedImpact at (888) 254-9904.

You can review the MedImpact welcome letter here

Mail-Order Prescriptions

Remember: Our prescription drug plan requires maintenance medications (drugs you take regularly to manage a chronic condition) to be filled through our MedImpact Direct. You will still be able to fill a maintenance drug prescription twice for a 30-day supply at a retail pharmacy. After that, maintenance drugs must be filled for a 90-supply through MedImpact Direct.  

All employees who use mail-order prescription delivery for maintenance medications can contact MedImpact Direct by calling (855) 873-8739 or by visiting Your provider can submit your prescription electronically via ePrescribing or fax to : (888) 783-1773. You can review the MedImpact Direct letter here

Specialty Prescriptions

For our members who require specialty medications, MedImpact has partnered with CommCare Specialty Pharmacyto meet your needs. To reach CommCare, call (888) 203-7973 or visit Please review this letter for additional information about CommCare.

Please feel free to contact the Benefits Team with any questions. Call (910) 667-6000 or by drop in to see us at the Business Center, Third Floor, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.