Penny Philligin Named January Employee of Excellence

January 16, 2018

Penny Philligin sometimes sees things nobody else can.

She sees the homeless man on 17th Street that hundreds of people drive by without even noticing. She sees the fear in the body language of a claustrophobic patient who needs someone to hold his hand. And when she absolutely needs to get a patient onto a schedule that has no open slots, she sees a solution.

Penny’s vision generates action – she will feed the homeless, pitch in to help a co-worker, and do whatever she can to comfort her patients. Her work and attitude serve NHRMC’s purpose of Leading Our Community to Outstanding Health. For everything she does, Penny Philligin, Medical Support Technician-CHA at Cape Fear Heart Associates – NHRMC Physician Group, has been named our January Employee of Excellence.

On one occasion, a patient needed cardiac clearance before surgery and the cardiologist requested it ASAP. The Treadmill Stress Test schedule was full for the rest of the week. Penny worked the patient into the schedule, walked to the nearby doctor’s office to clarify some insurance questions, and then spent time talking with the patient and providing words of comfort.

Through Penny’s diligence, this patient was able to have heart surgery that same week – receiving the right care at the appropriate time.

To those who have seen Penny work her magic, this came as no surprise.

As her manager said, “Penny has a shining moment almost every day, so it’s tough to choose just one.”

Congratulations to Penny Philligin, NHRMC’s January Employee of Excellence!