To Protect Against the Spread of Flu, New Hanover Regional Medical Center Restricts Visitation

January 22, 2017
WILMINGTON, NC – With an increase in flu cases being reported in the region, New Hanover Regional Medical Center is taking steps to limit its spread within hospital facilities and the community.
In addition to restricting those with flu symptoms from visiting patients, NHRMC is asking community members to refrain from taking children to any NHRMC hospital facility unless it’s for the child’s treatment.

“The risk of spreading flu among children is high,” said Paul Kamitsuka, MD, Chief Epidemiologist at NHRMC. “Often children can be contagious before flu symptoms appear. By restricting children during this heightened time, we can help protect them and prevent the spread of flu among vulnerable patients.”

Children who come to a NHRMC hospital will be asked to wear a mask. Masks are also given to those with flu-like symptoms who come seeking care.

“We know visits are important to families, but safety needs to be the top concern, said Dr. Kamitsuka. “We appreciate the community’s support in protecting our patients and children.”

The care teams at NHRMC suggest that if you have flu symptoms please consider calling, using FaceTime or Skype, or sending notes or cards to patients.