Founders’ Gala using its head to raise money for NICU babies

January 13, 2006
WILMINGTON – Beaded, embellished, painted and glass mosaic wig heads will dominate the scenery at this year’s Founders’ Gala, hosted annually by New Hanover Regional Medical Center’s Foundation.

The gala, centered on the theme “Carnivale - The Streets of Venice,” has recruited the help of local artists to bring wig heads to life as original pieces of art. Some 20 local artists accepted the challenge and have created masterpieces in many different media.

The Founders’ Gala will be held Saturday, Jan. 21, at the Coastline Convention Center. Its purpose is to fund the purchase of a transport isolette. The transport isolette is needed to meet the growth the medical center's Women's and Children's Units have experienced recently. The transport isolette is used predominantly to transport premature babies in distress from the surrounding counties to the medical center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

With only one transport isolette in use currently, just one baby can be transported at a time. A second isolette is needed for cases of twins or two babies in need of this critical level of care. Likened to a mobile NICU, the isolettes are expensive equipment, costing anywhere from $80,000 to more than $100,000.

As part of the fundraising efforts of the Founders’ Gala, the artists wig heads will be sold in both silent and live auctions during the Gala. Various stores, spas and boutiques throughout Wilmington will display the wig heads prior to the Gala.

For more information on how to get involved in the Gala, call the Medical Center Foundation at 815-5002.