Planned Gifts and Bequests


Ready to make an gift to the NHRMC Foundation?  Our online giving option is quick, simple and secure.  


Many donors leave lasting gifts that benefit the foundation as part of their estate plan. Such planned gifts or charitable bequests support the foundation while providing a lasting legacy for the donor.  

Establishing these visionary gifts places donors in The Beacon Society. If you have included NHRMC Foundation in your estate plan or would like to learn more about the simple process of becoming a Beacon Society member, please complete an Estate Intention Form or contact us today.

Please contact us to schedule a personal and confidential meeting to discuss the best way for you and your family to leave a lasting gift to NHRMC Foundation.

The following are several planned-gift options that donors may choose to support the foundation:


Your gift is tax-deductible.

Appreciated Assets

Appreciated securities, bonds or mutual fund shares are an excellent way to provide a gift and maximize your tax savings. In addition to the tax savings, a gift of assets avoids the long-term capital gains tax on the appreciated value.

Real Estate

A personal residence, a farm, a vacation home, commercial building or undeveloped land may be given in whole or in part using various tax-advantaged methods.

Life Estate in a Home or Farm

Enables a donor to transfer personal property to the foundation, generating financial and tax benefits, while retaining the right to use the property, generally for the remainder of the donor's life.

Charitable Gift Annuity

A contract between the donor and the foundation which provides fixed guaranteed lifetime payments to the donor and/or another beneficiary in an amount greater than most certificates of deposit.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Trust arrangements which pay a fixed or variable income to the donor and/or other beneficiaries. Assets such as cash, stock, mutual fund shares or property interests can be transferred to charitable trusts. A trust may be managed by the Foundation or a bank, trust or investment company chosen by the donor.

Charitable Lead Trusts

Support a charity with payments over a specified period of time but have the principal of the trust revert back to the donor or to the donor's family.

Life Insurance Policies

Policies make wonderful gifts when a policy is no longer needed, the financial significance of the policy has changed, or you do not wish to continue premium payments. A gift of an existing policy results in an immediate income tax deduction. The foundation may be made both the owner and beneficiary of the policy or just the beneficiary. The foundation can be the primary, secondary, conditional, or residual beneficiary in whole or for a part of the policy amount.

Paid on Death

Also called Transfer on Death, this is a type of account registration which directs some portion of assets to a named beneficiary which may be an individual or the Foundation.