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SUPPORT programs, SUSTAIN high quality care, and SHARE with colleagues.

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The annual Employee Campaign is a time when the NHRMC Foundation asks the staff to consider giving a financial gift to SUPPORT programs, SUSTAIN high quality care through the purchase of new equipment, and to SHARE their generosity with colleagues.

Employees of NHRMC are generous, caring and compassionate which is evident during each annual employee campaign. Every year our staff exceeds the goal they are challenged with in money and participation. This participation shows the community we serve how dedicated the employees of NHRMC are.

Thank you to each employee who shares their gifts of experience, skill and compassion on a daily basis. And thank you for your generous financial support – without it we wouldn’t be able to offer continuing education to our nurses, help a fellow co-worker during a financial hardship, have a cuddly toy for our youngest patients or to offer the healing arts to our patients. These are just some of the areas that are funded by NHRMC employees through this campaign. We are grateful to have you as part of the NHRMC family.

Patient Story - Betty H. Cameron Women's & Children's Hospital Patient Resource Fund

Employee Campaign - Pledge Your SupportA grandmother needed to take unexpected kinship placement of twins at our hospital.  She wasn't prepared to take on infants – especially twins - and the Walmart gift cards helped her buy essential baby items.  Gas cards were also given to help her with the trip home as she lived several hours away.

A NICU mom was assisted with gas cards.  She is from Columbus County, which does not provide any Medicaid Transportation for parents with NICU babies.  Her baby was born very premature and was hospitalized for several months.  She was provided with a gas card every few weeks to relieve some of the financial stress she had in coming to visit and hold her baby.

Patient Story - Zimmer Cancer Center Patient Resource Fund

One time in my life I thought my life had hit rock bottom and things could not get any worse…. boy was I wrong. When I say I had hit rock bottom I mean one day I was living in section 8 housing and the next thing I knew I was homeless living in my truck. Then the unexpected happened - I was diagnosed with advanced bladder cancer. Try being homeless and having cancer, now that is a one of the scariest things that has ever happened to me.

When I first started treatment which consisted of Chemo once a week and Radiation every day, the Social Worker had arranged for me to stay at the Salvation Army instead of living in my truck. My major concern was how would I get to my appointments every day? Thanks to the Zimmer Cancer Center’s Patient Resource Fund the social worker was able to provide me with gas cards weekly and Walmart and Food Lion cards when I needed them.  Words cannot express how beneficial those cards were and the role they played in helping me receive and complete my treatment. Without those cards I would have never been able to complete treatment because I needed the Gas Cards to get to treatment, the Food Lion cards to stay well-nourished to maintain my strength, and the Walmart cards to buy personal hygiene items and over the counter medications.

Please keep this program available to patients at Zimmer Cancer Center because without it I could not say I’m a cancer survivor!

Ed - Zimmer Cancer Center Patient

Patient Story - Zimmer Cancer Center Patient Resource Fund

My wife was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Our finances were in dire straits and we were having a hard time with getting to treatments due to the cost of gas. If not for the hospital’s patient resource fund we would not have been able to get here for her chemo. We are so thankful. Everyone here has been a blessing. Please continue this program as I am sure there are others who are in worse shape than we are. Thank you.


Patient Story - Zimmer Cancer Center Patient Resource Fund

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the gift and gas cards you have provided me during my time at Zimmer this past year. Cancer devastates not only one's physical and emotional life but one's financial life as well.

Like many of us, at one point I had to drive to treatment daily and keeping gas in the car was actually an issue. The gas cards were a blessing! The gift cards provided food and non-perishable items as well during a very difficult time. Every card was like taking a deep breath of relief! I feel lucky and more importantly, very grateful to have received this generous help. I am deeply moved by such generosity of spirit in these gifts and the emotional support given to me by all the dear people at Zimmer. All of it kept me from drowning during the most difficult time in my life.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart and will never forget it!

Nancy - Zimmer Cancer Center Patient