Areas For Support

You may choose to donate to the Foundation's general fund so that we can use the money to best fit the needs of the hospital and the community or you can choose to donate for a specific need at the Novant Health NHRMC. Below are 10 identified areas where donor support is greatly needed. 

Emergency Care Center/Trauma Services

Gifts earmarked for emergency or trauma services can be used to help NHRMC better treat patients in the community. For example, NHRMC in 2010 unveiled a specially designed neonatal/pediatric critical care transport vehicle. This vehicle transfers fragile newborns and children so that they can receive the life-saving care they need, often at NHRMC's Betty H. Cameron Women's & Children's Hospital.

The pediatric critical care transport vehicle was purchased partly through gifts to the NHRMC Foundation.

Cardiac Services

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in New Hanover County, and the Heart Center at NHRMC helps some patients recover from heart attacks. Other patients are working toward avoiding a cardiac event. Our Heart Center is equipped with exercise bicycles, treadmills and other equipment to help patients take care of their hearts. Some of that equipment was bought using funds from the NHRMC Foundation.

Cancer Services

The Foundation plays an important role is supporting cancer patients and in providing preventive services. Donations to the Foundation have helped provide mammographies and information packets to women at risk for breast cancer. Donations have supplied comfort bags to breast cancer patients through our Pink Ribbon campaign, and have helped purchase infusion chairs to make our cancer patients as comfortable as possible. And they have also helped patients get needed medications and helped fund healing arts programs that make cancer a little more bearable for some patients.


Creating an endowment is a way to ensure that your gift will continue to help others for decades to come. One such endowment is the Dan and Sheila Saklad Oncology Education Endowment, which provides scholarships and pays for continuing education for nurses and other staff at the Zimmer Cancer Center. The Saklads' $100,000 donation ensures that the earnings from the endowment will help provide better cancer care for patients for many years to come.

Rehabilitation Services

NHRMC's Rehabilitation Hospital includes Easy Street, a special section of the therapy facility that gives patients an opportunity to relearn real-life skills such as walking in gravel, shopping for groceries and getting in and out of a car. Donations to the NHRMC Foundation have helped expand that area so that patients can improve their self-reliance.

Behavioral Health Services

Past donations to Behavioral Health have included staff education and exercise equipment for patients - a vital part of mental health for many patients.

Women's & Children's Hospital

The Foundation has provided tens of thousands of dollars to the help the hospital expand the services offered to our youngest patients and to increase the comfort for these patients and their families. Some Foundation gifts have included: A bedside ultrasound machine, a pediatric radiant warmer, game consoles for pediatric patients and micro-preemie ventilators.


Past Foundation gifts have enabled NHRMC to purchase an Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, which helps staff monitor patients and analyze the cause, frequency and impact of epileptic seizures. Foundation gifts have also helped fund the Pediatric Sleep Center, which helps diagnose a variety of neurological problems that may be causing sleep disorders and other physiological complications.

Surgical Services

When little ones are in surgery, smaller beds help secure the patients and bring them closer to the staff. Your gifts to the Foundation have helped provide pediatric surgical beds that improve the surgery experience for patients and staff.

Orthopedic Services

Foundation gifts have helped send our acclaimed orthopedic staff to educational seminars and have helped purchase a transit vehicle to transport some patients to their rehabilitation sessions.