Be a Part of Our 50th Celebration

Since 1967, NHRMC has been a part of the community, fully invested in healing, comforting and welcoming all those who have passed through our doors. To mark this occasion, NHRMC's main entrance will be renovated to create a comforting space for our families. Along the new area, a spiraling walkway will lead the way - each brick telling a story of a life we have touched. 

Garden Rendering

We invite you to add your story by donating an engraved paver to add to our walkway. Each paver will have a name of a person who is connected to NHRMC and its history of healing. Whether you wish to recognize a child born in our hospital; honor a loved one who received care; or express appreciation for someone who cared for you or your family, this gift is a lovely expression.



Reserve Your Paver Today

There are four size options for pavers to choose from. To get the size you prefer, please submit your donation form with number of paver(s) and your inscription(s) as soon as possible. Location of paver is not guaranteed as pavers will be placed in the order they are purchased.Paver Sizes

  • 4x8 paver in the field: $100
  • 4x8 paver in the spiral: $250
  • 8x8 paver in the spiral: $500
  • 12x12 paver in the spiral: $1,000

Personalizing Your Paver

To ensure your paver is engraved correctly, please follow these instructions:

  • Please use only capital letters on the form.
  • Pavers should have three (3) lines maximum and 20 characters per line including spaces and punctuation.
  • Please use only letters and numbers, no icons or symbols


Sample Engraving

Engraving Line 1         I N   M E M O R Y   O F        
Engraving Line 2        C H L O E   R O S E N H A N      
Engraving Line 3                  9 7 2