Community-Led Events

Organize Your Own Event

If you are interested in holding a fundraising event or initiative for NHRMC Foundation, please begin by submitting an application.

Do you have an idea to raise awareness and support for an area of the hospital that is important to you? If so, review our Guidelines for Fundraising and contact us about your event or initiative by submitting a fundraising application.

Sometimes it is difficult to know exactly what you can do to help raise funds for those in need. Whether you are an individual, community group, business or school, there are various ways to raise funds - 5K races, concerts, bake sales, birthday parties, volleyball tournaments, stuffed animal sales and much more have been fundraisers to date

You lead the event and we can help guide you along the way! Please fill out our Community Partnerships Form if you are interested in holding a fundraising event for NHRMC Foundation. After approving your application, we will then provide you with the necessary fundraising authority for your event or activity. You can choose to direct funds raised towards a specific area or fund at NHRMC.