Community-Led Events

Organize Your Own Event

If you are interested in holding a fundraising event or initiative for NHRMC Foundation, please begin by submitting an application.

Do you have an idea to raise awareness and support for an area of the hospital that is important to you? If so, review our Guidelines for Fundraising and contact us about your event or initiative by submitting a fundraising application.

Sometimes it is difficult to know exactly what you can do to help raise funds for those in need. Whether you are an individual, community group, business or school, there are various ways to raise funds - 5K races, concerts, bake sales, birthday parties, volleyball tournaments, stuffed animal sales and much more have been fundraisers to date

You lead the event and we can help guide you along the way! Please fill out our Community Partnerships Form if you are interested in holding a fundraising event for NHRMC Foundation. After approving your application, we will then provide you with the necessary fundraising authority for your event or activity. You can choose to direct funds raised towards a specific area or fund at Novant Health NHRMC.



Will NHRMC Foundation staff be able to help me organize my event?

Unfortunately, we cannot promise the resources to assist with the planning of your event, as the NHRMC Foundation staff works year-round in support of several community-wide events.

Can NHRMC Foundation assist in covering any costs associated with my event?

Unfortunately, NHRMC Foundation does not have the funds to pay any costs associated with third-party events.

Will a NHRMC Foundation representative attend the event?

NHRMC Foundation relies heavily on volunteers to achieve its mission. We often have volunteers represent us in the community. If you wish to have a volunteer represent NHRMC Foundation at your event, we will make our best effort to find a volunteer or staff member to accept a check and/or address the attendees. Due to the large number of events and the limited number of staff, staff members are generally unable to attend third-party events.

Can I use the NHRMC Foundation logo to promote my event?

No. Any use of the NHRMC Foundation logo outside of the official website provided is prohibited. All communication and promotional materials referencing NHRMC Foundation as a recipient of funds must be approved by appropriate NHRMC Foundation staff and comply with our Guidelines for Fundraising.

Can I provide receipts or an acknowledgement letter from NHRMC Foundation?

Only contributions made online or sent directly to NHRMC Foundation will be receipted or acknowledged individually - as long as the proper address and information of the donor is provided. We can provide one acknowledgement for the event organizer, but IRS regulations do not allow receipts to be given by anyone but NHRMC Foundation staff.

If my participants donate directly to NHRMC Foundation, can staff provide me with their names and amounts donated?

No. NHRMC Foundation respects the confidentiality of its donors and will not release their contact information.

How soon after the event must I submit the funds that have been raised?

It is common practice for third-party events to submit the funds raised 10-15 days following the conclusion of the event or fundraiser.