Trauma Services to Host the 3rd Annual StreetSafe Event May 21

Trauma Services is offering a StreetSafe event for children of NHRMC employees as well as to the public. StreetSafe is a hands-on driving program designed to teach young, inexperienced drivers how to become safer and more responsible behind the wheel.

The event is sponsored by AirLink/VitaLink and Allstate Insurance. It is free for children of NHRMC employees and $10 for children of non-employees.

Under the guidance of highly trained StreetSafe instructors, students experience losing control of a car, how to maintain a realistic stopping distance, the dangers of drinking and driving, the hazards of texting and driving and other distractions, while also emphasizing the importance of wearing a seatbelt and making good decisions. Students are taught by law enforcement and fire personnel. Local judges and insurance agents help parents understand the importance of their role, the very serious risks their children face as new drivers, and the important requirements of teen car insurance.

Attendees must have a valid learner’s permit or driver’s license to participate.

The event will be held Saturday, May 21, at John T. Hoggard High School from 8:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. Parents are asked to attend for the first hour. There are a limited number of spots, so if you cannot attend, please remember to cancel your registration.


Colleen Mistovich

Registration Instructions:

For more information, contact Colleen Mistovich, Trauma Services, at (910) 264-1874, or visit the StreetSafe website: