PerfectServ Downtime


The PerfectServe communication application will not be available for use on 8/31 for one hour from 4am – 5am as a result of server maintenance.  This downtime affects both the Care Team application used by care-giving staff to communicate with providers and the Practitioner application used for provider-to-provider messaging.

A backup application is available for all PerfectServe communication during the downtime.  The application is called the Auxiliary Messaging Platform (AMP) and the icon is located on all workstations that also have EPIC.  AMP is activated by PerfectServe at the instance of downtime.

In addition, the following URL can be used from any internet browser to access AMP:

AMP is a single direction communication tool for sending outgoing messages.  All provider schedules are available within AMP for reference in addition to the direct link to the physician for messaging.  The AMP tool does not provide the intelligent routing as provided by the usual PerfectServe application.  Thus, it is important to know the correct provider recipient prior to sending a message. Please limit messaging during the downtime to urgent and emergent issues.

The Transfer Center is available at (910) 815-5155 as a resource for contacting providers if one is not listed in AMP or is not responding.

PerfectServ AMP Guide