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As of January 1, 2022, vision care will be provided by VSP, a new provider for Novant Health, offering choice, flexibility, and maximum value through network providers. VSP has the largest network of independent doctors for vision care, and there are many providers located throughout the coastal market.

These upcoming education sessions offer opportunities to learn more about the plan. Sessions will be held on: Oct. 13 (5 sessions) and Nov. 1 (2 sessions).

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The plan uses a 12/12/12 model that provides (1) an annual exam with a $15 co-pay, (2) an annual lens benefit with a $15 co-pay, and (3) a frame allowance every 12 months of $160 or $210 for premium brands such as Lacoste, Nike, and Anne Klein.

The plan also includes a Computer Vision Care benefit that provides an additional exam, lens and $110 frame allowance after co-pays for eyewear designed to optimize a covered team member’s vision while using computer screens. Additionally, it provides supplemental medical coverage for specialty eyecare services and conditions such as pink eye with a $20 exam co-pay. Coverage levels will change to align with our medical plans, as follows: Employee, Employee + Spouse, Employee + Child(ren) and Family, providing greater value to you. Also, all coverage levels are less expensive than the NHRMC 2021 vision plan.
If you and/or a family member has vision coverage though Community Eye Care in 2021 and has not used the annual hardware benefit, consider using it by December 31, 2021 for frames, contact lenses, or sunglasses; it will not carry over into 2022.