Benefits Education: Bind Medical Plan

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Learn more about the Bind Medical Plan in this virtual education session.

Sessions will be held on Oct. 8 (2 sessions) and Oct. 29 (4 sessions).

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The Bind medical plan is designed to be easier. It is a plan with price tags (copays) for everything. The Bind plan has the lowest employee contribution rates of all three Novant Health medical plans, a $0 deductible and no coinsurance. You can see clear prices for treatments, doctors and prescription drugs before you get the care, so you know what your health care choices will cost. You also have the flexibility to activate coverage during the year for certain plannable treatments like endoscopies, cataract surgery, cardiac ablation and knee replacements. Should you need “coverage requiring activation,” the total cost of the coverage is comprised of a copay (if applicable) plus the cost of the coverage, which is paid through payroll deductions. The cost of a coverage requiring activation does not count toward the out-of-pocket maximum. The Bind medical plan uses United Healthcare’s choice plus network.

To learn more about the Bind plan, go to and enter the access code Novant2022.