9 to Life Fitness Program: 9 Weeks to a New Lifestyle

9 to Life

The Jack Barto Center for Employee Fitness is taking sign-ups for the upcoming 9 to Life fitness class series. This 9-week class is designed for beginners. Teams of five to six participants meet with a trainer two times per week for instruction on using machines, learning to exercise correctly and nutritional guidance. If you are ready to start exercising regularly and eating healthier but don't know where to begin, this program is for you.

Read some awesome success stories from past participants in the class (formerly called 12 to Life):
Gray Boone
Terri Luedtke
Shelley Gupton

Designed for people who are hesitant to tackle the intensity of a weight challenge, the program focuses on helping participants become more comfortable in the gym. "We make sure that the participants are as comfortable as possible in a setting surrounded by other beginners," said Sheri Albertson, EFC program coordinator.

Albertson said 9 to Life is a more gentle introduction to working out than the Weight Loss Challenge. Participants might start with pushups against a wall, then against a desk, then on their knees. Pace is dictated by the participant with some encouragement from the trainers.

Participants commit to 18 sessions at $9 per person. Signups are open now, and the kickoff meeting at the EFC is scheduled for September 18 at noon. 

Questions, contact [email protected].

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Sheri Albertson

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