In the Center of the Storm

In the Storm Collage

By John H. Gizdic, president and CEO of New Hanover Regional Medical Center and Dr. Robert Cortina, chief of NHRMC Medical Staff

As the hurricane unleashed its fury, New Hanover Regional Medical Center staff worked tirelessly and passionately to help the entire community survive and endure. We want to honor them as hurricane heroes.


Hurricane Florence Stories

Hurricane Florence was a storm that changed our lives forever. For a week or more, many in our community faced difficult decisions and prepared for a disaster. 

Thousands at NHRMC stayed and worked around the clock to take excellent care of our most vulnerable - often separated from their own families. Others left the security of their homes for other areas not knowing when they would be allowed to return or what they would find when they did.

Florence also uncovered many stories of hope; acts of bravery, compassion and camaraderie; and unforgettable moments of a community coming together to care for one another. 

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