Remarkable Moment: On Call in the Smokies

July 02, 2021

Martha McIntosh, a nurse at Atlantic SurgiCenter, shared a remarkable moment. It occurred outside of the hospital setting, but it demonstrates that some healthcare heroes are always on call.

"My husband and I were camping with some close friends in the Smoky Mountains," Martha wrote. "We had a nice day, then we all went to our campers to sleep . I suddenly became severely short of breat, to the point that I was struggling to stay conscious. I was having a cardio pulmonary event out of the clear blue , with no advance notice."

Fortunately, Martha was in good company.

"My husband called RoseAnn, who came over immediately, assessed the situation, called 911, got some air moving in my lungs, and kept us calm."

RoseAnn continued providing care to her friend until EMS arrived.

"I am certain that without her rapid, professional, interventions, and her ability to put her emotions aside, I would not have made it until EMS arrived," Martha wrote.

Kudos to RoseAnn Goesswein for using her nursing skills when her friend needed her most. This is proof that remarkable moments can happen anywhere at any time.

Pictured: RoseAnn Goesswein with her husband in Gatlinburg, TN.
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