Remarkable Moments: CCU Demonstrates Shared Values of Diversity and Inclusion

March 04, 2021
ICU Diversity
  • Diversity and inclusion: We recognize that every person is different, each shaped by unique life experiences. This enables us to better understand each other and our customers.

When NHRMC officially partnered with Novant Health on February 1, we adopted the mission, vision, values and people credo that will shape the future of this healthcare organization. Novant’s values reflect what we had built at NHRMC and expand upon them.

We are offering our team members to share stories that illustrate the values of our united organization.

Our first article is from Amanda Cummings, a CCU nurse who found the remarkable in what might have seemed an unremarkable situation.

have been working for NHRMC for 15 years and I am grateful to have come into contact with many amazing people (e.g., teammates, patients, and volunteers). These people come from all walks of life and have left little tidbits of knowledge, culture, and growth with me long the way. These meetings and experiences have added to who I am and how I practice as a nurse.

I found myself sitting in my unit one day surveying my surroundings on what seemed like an unremarkable day. Everyone was working so hard. There was a palpable level of knowledge and trust amongst the staff. We felt like a rock-solid ICU that day.

I then realized what was happening. I was the only representation of the majority working that day as a white Caucasian female nurse. Every other employee that I was working with represented one of the minority groups. The nurses, the nursing assistants, the respiratory therapists, and the unit clerks were all diverse from me.

I, too, am part of a minority population as a member of the LGBT community. So, every member of the Coronary Care Unit (CCU) team that day represented a minority population in healthcare.

At that moment, in my unit, as a part of this organization, I have never been prouder. To look around and see the future. To see and be a part of the cultural shift and to know that we represent diversity and inclusion made me feel pride in my role as a nurse and feel pride as a member of the NHRMC family.

Novant Health and NHRMC are committed to diversity and inclusion, and we are making progress. Sometimes, you just have to find the remarkable in what seems unremarkable.


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