Pet Therapy Dog Profile: Roentgen

July 17, 2019
Renk the pet therapy dog

Name: Frech Roentgen Aus Rheinland, CGC, THDA TKI

About: Roentgen, pronounced Renken, was named after Conrad Wilhelm Roentgen, discoverer of X-rays who won the first Nobel Laureate in Physics. His proudest accomplishment is becoming a pet therapy dog through Therapy Dogs International Chapter #301.  

Nicknames: Renk, Ribeye 

Birthday: 12/4/14

Favorite Treats: Homemade Chicken Treats

Tricks: Sit, Stay, Lie Down, High Five, Open the Back Door 

Favorite Activities: Geese police! 

How Long They’ve Been a Therapy Pet: 2 1/2 Years 

Favorite Area of the Hospital to Visit: Pediatrics 

Favorite Toy: Tennis Balls 

Watch a video where Roentgen meets some adorable kiddos and shows off some of his tricks:


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