Seven-Year-Old Earns EMS Award for Helping Save Her Mom's Life

June 14, 2019
Mom grandma and daughter

Seven-year-old Elizabeth Gunter recently earned a special award plaque from New Hanover Regional Medical Center EMS for helping to save her mother’s life.

On April 11, Elizabeth was home from school when her mother, Jennifer Gunter, collapsed from a sudden heart attack. Danise Britt, Elizabeth’s grandmother, was also at the house and dialed 911 upon discovering Jennifer lying on the floor without a pulse.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth ran to get help from her next door neighbor. The neighbor had just completed a hands-only CPR course and was able to successfully keep Jennifer’s blood pumping while the paramedics were on their way.

“The simple fact that she recognized what was going on, she knew what needed to be done, and knew where to find the help was paramount in saving her mother’s life,” said Scott Goodyear, NHRMC EMS battalion chief.

Jennifer has since recovered and suffered no damage to her heart or brain as a result of the heart attack.

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