Behavioral Health Leaders Step Up to Challenge

September 26, 2018
BHH Storm Blog

I wanted to extend my gratitude and commendation to the leaders that kept us afloat during a very critical time.

Our physicians, Dr. Waldrep, Dr. Triggs and Dr. Gebremeskel were amazing. I continue to hear stories of things they did above and beyond to help our staff during the storm. Dr. Waldrep ate meals with staff here when he could have easily been in the physician’s lounge or with his peers; Dr. Triggs went out to buy hot pizza so everyone could have a treat on day 6 when spirits were dropping; and Dr. Gebremeskel took time to play basketball with the kids in the gym. These are just a few stories of what these physician leaders did to keep morale up. It was more than just being here for 8 days to provide excellent care for our patients, they took it upon themselves to make sure spirits stayed high and that staff felt cared for as well.

I must also take a moment to recognize a few of the many shining moments of Mary Williams, NHRMC Behavioral Health Manager and Cindy Heinly, Behavioral Health Hospital Coordinator. These two incredible leaders surpassed anything I can put into words. Mary and Cindy organized and managed gym time for any staff, children, and physicians in the whole hospital who needed down time as well as showers and laundry all while managing and maintaining the security of the building; which is no small task on an average day. Later, they quickly evacuated 33 patients as well as all staff - awake and asleep - into a safe corridor during tornado warnings.

I know there are stories such as these throughout the entire community, but I wanted these folks to personally know how honored and proud I am to be part of their Behavioral Health team and family.

Our appreciation here at Behavioral Health also goes out to our senior leaders who had the daunting task of keeping our patients, staff, families and community safe during one of the most frightening times we have faced. All of your leadership, poise, and guidance during this time did not go unnoticed, and we are immensely grateful and relieved to be in the stages of putting our system back together in what will most assuredly be a stronger and more connected NHRMC family.

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