Provider Alignment Needs Assessment Results to Guide Initiatives

July 31, 2018

As part of the NHRMC system’s new strategic plan rollout, provider alignment was chosen to be an element of organizational priority to help support, retain, grow, and attract providers. There are three specific initiatives:

• provider education
• provider leadership and governance
• provider resiliency

The leaders of each of these initiatives joined together to create and distribute a needs assessment to gauge the alignment of providers across the network, and assist in determining providers’ needs, specifically related to education, communication, leadership, and burnout.

A total of 325 providers took the survey, which was open from May 1 to May 15. When asked about the types of opportunities for career and/or personal development that providers would like to see provided, the number one response was education focused on provider burnout, followed by financial/business skills. Survey respondents also chose email as their preferred method of receiving important clinical and organizational information, which was followed closely by a phone application and a dedicated web page. When thinking about planning professional and leadership development events, 40% of providers indicated they would prefer these types of sessions be offered after hours, while 34% said they liked noon/lunchtime offerings. Additionally, 52.98% of respondents felt that they are currently experiencing symptoms of burnout, with a lack of control over their volume of work being ranked the highest contributor to their fatigue.

All the results were compiled and presented to NHRMC’s Executive Team on July 10 and the VP/Directors Meeting on July 23. Transparency is key, and the initiative owners plan to take these results and put them into action over the coming months.

Click here to view a detailed presentation about the results.

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