When You Feel Good About What You Do, It Shows

May 23, 2018
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An announcement by a national news magazine recently called attention to something we at NHRMC already know: this is a great place to work.Forbes listed New Hanover Regional Medical Center among its annual list of America’s Best Large Employers.  We came in at number 47, in the top 50 with such well-known employers as Costco and Google, and ahead of others like Apple and Disney.

In the U.S., only five other employers in the health and social category ranked ahead of us. And only two employers in North Carolina ranked higher. We’re the only NC healthcare system to make the list.


Our commitment to our patients is the driving force that makes the work we do so meaningful.  Our patients are our neighbors, friends and family. They are part of our community, and we know they deserve the best care. It’s incredibly satisfying to see how physicians, staff and volunteers work together to drive initiatives that improve care. This isn’t always easy and there are always things we can do better. But we keep pushing, because the stakes are high. As a result, I know when members of my family need care, they’re in good hands here.  

Sometimes, we forget to appreciate how special it is to work here. Our Forbes ranking provides a good opportunity to reflect on what goes into building such a strong team, providing excellent medical care, and establishing a culture of inclusion and support. 

Part of our success stems from our commitment to each other. You can see it within teams, as they come together to celebrate personal and professional milestones and help each other through tough times. 

Our system also supports our employees’ health and well-being, and it is evident at our employee fitness center, which has grown beyond all expectations. It is a hub for healthy activity and, more than that, a place where we come together to cheer each other on as we tackle our fitness and nutrition goals.

The NHRMC system works to manage expenses, so we can continue to keep benefit costs low, offer competitive pay, and deliver on our pledge to avoid layoffs. We recently introduced the healthy community wage, so no one here makes less than $11.50 an hour, reflecting a will to help everyone in our organization have more of what they need to take better care of themselves and their families.

There’s also energy you can feel around our new mission statement and strategic plan. Our call to lead our community to outstanding health and volunteer in our community has given us a new way to show the depth of our care. Our volunteerism, championed now through Mission Corps, has tapped into something inherently good in our people. We’re providing health screenings in barbershops, reading to school kids, building homes, and filling backpacks with healthy food. It’s inspiring and rewarding.

Across the organization, scores of employees are involved in envisioning the future and mapping a course to it.  This engagement is energizing and leading to fresh thinking that will transform how we take care of those we serve.

So, when surveyors hired by Forbes called our employees and asked them if they would recommend NHRMC as a place to work, they might have been thinking of any number of things. They might have thought about the pay and benefits.  They could have reflected on their co-workers who support them through life’s ups and downs. They might have been feeling the gratitude of the patients who they helped through a tough time. They could have been savoring the satisfaction of leading a new and innovative project.  Or they could have been thinking about the pride they feel when they see a crowd of NHRMC teal t-shirts on staff volunteering in the community. 

The fact that there are so many things they could have been thinking about is a reflection on why this is such a great place to work. To put it simply: across the organization, we do amazing things and it feels good to be a part of it. 

I appreciate and thank all those who have helped to helped make this possible.
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