Pender Memorial Hospital Builds a Garden for the Community

September 18, 2017
Water Plants Garden
In the quiet Pender County town of Burgaw, a community garden bustles with the excitement of children, parents, locals and pets. This green space is not a recreation facility or dog park, even though the public and their four-legged friends are always welcome. It’s the local hospital’s new ability garden and since opening this summer, it has been a place for loved ones to meet and medical providers to bring health care into the sunshine.

“Pender Memorial Hospital’s Ability Garden is intended to create more than an outdoor oasis for employees and patients,” said Pender Memorial Hospital President Ruth Glaser. “In this tight-knit community, we wanted neighbors, friends and loved ones of both staff and patients to have a beautiful space to gather, connect and heal.”

The garden’s roots are based in a clinical commitment to patients. Physical therapy sessions for the hospital’s patients and long-term skilled nursing residents are conducted outside of the hospital walls in various outdoor scenarios.

Playground girlThe garden includes a grassy area for relaxing, raised beds for gardening, ramps and paths for building strength and stamina. The garden also includes an outdoor pavilion connected to the cafeteria for dining. The idea was to have a place for patients to get stronger, families to share meals, friends to visit and children to play.

The garden complies with ADA accessibility guidelines and accommodates residents and visitors of all ability levels. Both the garden and patio have handicap-accessible tables with adjustable umbrellas to provide shade.

“Each day, one can see folks walking, caring for the plants and flowers, as well as having meals or snacks at our picnic tables,” said Angela Black, the hospital’s manager for quality and outcomes. “It is a special place in our community to bring people together and build lasting relationships and physical health.”
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