Prevent Traumatic Accidents with Water Safety

June 13, 2017

During the summer months, visitors flock to the Carolina coast, enjoying our hospitality, accommodations, and beautiful sandy beaches. And those who live here rush to the shores to soak in the sun, get some great outdoor exercise and take a break from our everyday jobs.

New Hanover Regional Medical Center and our partners in community health care stand ready to serve our residents and visitors in any way we can. We have opened a new emergency department in Scotts Hill, have expanded our emergency department at our main campus, and offer additional emergency departments at our Orthopedic Hospital and at Pender Memorial Hospital.

We hope, however, that you won’t need to interrupt your summer fun for a trip to the emergency department or one of our NHRMC Urgent Care Centers.

Water Safety Tips

  • Learn how to swim: Take swimming lessons from a qualified instructor if you’re not a strong swimmer.
  • Understand Rip Currents: Even strong swimmers can be carried out to sea by a rip current. Heed the posted warnings, keep children nearby, and learn how to swim out of a rip current.
  • Swim with a buddy: Don’t swim alone, and don’t allow children to swim alone.
  • Watch the weather: Pay attention to posted warnings, and if severe weather approaches, seek shelter away from metal objects and open areas.
  • Be a cautious diver: Check the water level before diving and don’t dive into unknown bodies of water. One mistake could leave you paralyzed for life, so jump in feet first until you’re confident what lies under the water.
  • Wear a lifejacket: If you are going boating, be sure to wear a lifejacket for safety.

Please follow the safety tips above. Our emergency departments, urgent cares and Trauma Center are equipped with remarkable people dedicated to providing outstanding care.

But we really hope you don’t come see us this summer.

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