Dr. Fru Helps Women Experience the Miracle of Motherhood

February 28, 2017

By the time Julie Francis and Courtney Nix’s daughter, Stella, had celebrated her first birthday, the couple had decided to have a second child.

Julie had given birth to Stella, and would carry the couple’s second baby. Both moms work in education, so If the timing worked out just right – and there are no guarantees – they would have their second baby during the summer.

What Julie and Courtney didn’t have was a doctor to guide them through the process. The fertility specialist who had guided Julie through her first pregnancy had retired.

In August of 2015, Dr. Karenne Fru entered their lives. Dr. Fru reopened NHRMC Physician Group – Coastal Reproduction Endocrinology and Infertility just as Julie was ready to begin the process of conceiving the couple’s second child.

 “She was so friendly and welcoming,” Julie said. “I could tell that she cared without having ever met me.”

Knowing how important the timing was for Julie and Courtney, Dr. Fru quickly worked them into her schedule. From the moment they met Dr. Fru, Julie was impressed.

“I wanted to know that I was in capable hands,” she said. “I was relieved and excited to have such a knowledgeable professional to guide us through our second pregnancy.”

Dr. Karenne Fru with Julie Francis and LukaDr. Fru performed two early first-trimester ultrasounds before referring Julie back to her OB/GYN for the remainder of the pregnancy.

When Julie, Courtney and big sister Stella welcomed little Luca into the world, Dr. Fru was one of the first visitors to stop by and congratulate the family.

“I was so impressed by Dr. Fru,” Julie said. “Throughout the process, she demonstrated how much she cares about me, Courtney and our family.”

Dr. Fru has now helped more than 150 women become pregnant – most for the first time. Coastal REI has plans to add in vitro fertilization as a service in the spring of 2017. The new service will enable Dr. Fru and her team to help more adults learn the joys of parenthood.

“Some couples have struggled for years to have a child. So when we get to see the overwhelming joy they feel when they become parents, it's extremely gratifying,” Dr. Fru said. “Raising a child is a dream that can change their lives forever.”

Julie, Courtney, Luka and Stella


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