Heart of Nursing - Dena Haney and Kati Dunn

March 02, 2016

Our nurses at NHRMC provide consistent, compassionate care shift after shift, patient after patient. Routinely, our patient feedback praises the caring nature of a nurse. And of all these dedicated, hard-working professionals, a few still manage to stand out.

Dena Haney and Kati Dunn, NHRMC's 2015 Nursing Excellence Award winners, are two of those special people. Each year, NHRMC recognizes the devotion of two nurses who exemplify the spirit of caring. Dena and Kati stand out as two of the best.

A firm believer in the power of human touch, Dena (top right) reaches out to her patients with hands-on care. Her ability to connect with her patients and their families reassures them that they are in good hands.

A co-worker tells the story of a mother of a young trauma patient who had been transferred to Dena's unit. The child's mother had spent every night in the hospital for a week, exhaustively watching over her child. Dena, a mother of four, convinced this mother that her child would be taken care of. The mother trusted Dena and went home for her first full night of restful sleep in weeks.

"Nursing is truly a passion for me," Dena said after accepting her award. "I thank God for giving me that passion."

NHRMC CEO and President Jack Barto often expresses his appreciation for the work of all NHRMC's dedicated nurses. Having impeccable clinical skills is something to be proud of, Barto said, "But it's the healing and that personal touch where you make the most difference in people's lives."

Like Dena, Kati Dunn's dedication to her patients doesn't end when she leaves a patient's room. She has been spotted in the parking lot after a long shift on the floor helping jumpstart a visitor's vehicle. And when a visitor didn't have money for food, Kati (top left) bought the patient's family member a meal.

"She's a nurse with a heart and passion for her patients and their families," a co-worker said in a video presentation after the ceremony.

The NHRMC Nursing Excellence Award is given in honor of MaryLyn Frappier-Rogers, who passed away in 2002.

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