Sleep Medicine

Request a Referral

To get an appointment with us, have your physician fill out a referral form and fax to (910) 202-0844.


Our practice has board-certified Sleep Medicine physicians available to diagnose and treat your sleep-related conditions. All appointments for sleep studies and evaluations require a physician 

referral. We offer two convenient locations, accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, for your patients to visit for their sleep study.

For Referring Physicians

We welcome direct referrals for Sleep Lab services. All patients referred to us will have an interview and physical examination before their sleep study and evaluation. If you would like to refer your patient to us, please fill out the referral form and return it to us along with your patient's recent history via fax at (910) 202-0844. 

Sleep Lab Services

We understand that sleep problems are disruptive, and we want you to have answers as soon as possible. We have two eight-bed locations that offer flexible appointment times. No matter your work shift or schedule, we have scheduling options to fit your routine. The same physicians who work in the practice are onsite to conduct, read and interpret all the studies. This continuity of care allows shorter interpretation times which means you get relief sooner. 

Sleep Lab Amenities

In order to help you feel more comfortable, our sleep lab is set up with all the amenities of a home bedroom including: 

  • Large double bed
  • Comfortable mattress
  • Nightstand
  • Sitting chair
  • Wall-mounted TV with remote control, cable channels and a DVD player

Home Sleep Studies


As an added convenience, we are also accredited by he American Academy of Sleep Medicine to perform home sleep studies for those who qualify. This option for eligible patients means added convenience and accommodations for those who need them.