Our Services

Novant Health New Hanover Primary Care provides you and your family caring, comprehensive primary care services for children, older adults, and every age and stage in between.

Exams & Consultations

Physical Exams

We perform physical exams for insurance, camp, or school registration, or to make sure your health is in order.


We provide needed immunizations during regular well-care checkups. Or, you can call to schedule an immunization visit.

Women’s Health

We offer specialized care for women, including GYN and breast exams.

Men’s Health

We can help evaluate men’s health issues and provide wellness and disease prevention consultations. We also offer prostate cancer screenings (PSA tests) in our office.

Children’s Health

We have physicians with pediatric specialties. Call us to find the right doctor for your child.

Weight-Control Counseling

Seek weight-control counseling from one of our healthcare providers to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Workers’ Compensation Evaluation

You may need a workers’ compensation evaluation to help you return to work more quickly after a work-related injury. Call us to schedule an appointment with our providers.

Chronic Condition Management


If you have arthritis, we’ll help you control pain and minimize further joint damage to maintain as much function as possible.


Asthma can be controlled and we’ll help you do it. We offer spirometry testing and prescriptions customized to your specific needs.


We can help you manage your diabetes with a program of care that has been nationally recognized for meeting high quality standards. Our services include regular eye exams, blood pressure tests, nutrition therapy, and prescription management.

High Blood Pressure & High Cholesterol

Watching your blood pressure and cholesterol levels is an important part of keeping you well. If those levels get too high, your risks for heart disease and stroke increase, with the potential for serious complications. We’ll monitor your condition, talk with you about lifestyle changes, and prescribe medications when needed.

Tests & Screenings

Allergy Testing

You may need blood or serum allergy testing to determine if you have allergies. These tests reveal antibodies your body makes in response to allergens and tell your healthcare provider if you would benefit from treatment including allergy shots.

We personalize your allergy shots (immunotherapy) to desensitize you to allergens over time.

Bone Densitometry

A bone densitometry (DEXA) scan determines if you have osteoporosis. It provides a baseline to compare to your future scans and can diagnose osteoporosis. Specifically, the DEXA scan measures the calcified tissue in your bones, or your bone-mineral density.

CT Scans

You may have a CT (computed tomography) scan to help your doctor diagnose a disease or condition. CT is a noninvasive imaging procedure that provides detailed 3-D images of your soft tissue, organs, and bones.

Hearing Tests

Hearing (audiometric) testing measures your ability to hear over time. We offer OSHA-approved hearing tests, including annual and baseline audiograms. Prekindergarten screening tests are also available at our Myrtle Grove and Ogden offices.

Heart & Vascular Diagnostic Tests

We provide heart and vascular testing including cardiac stress test, echocardiogram, electrocardiogram, nuclear stress test, and vascular studies, at our locations.

Lab Tests

You may have lab tests, such as blood or urine, to check your health or diagnose a condition. We offer on-site laboratory services at each location.

Pulmonary Function Tests

Pulmonary function testing helps your healthcare provider determine how well your lungs are working, assess an existing lung condition, diagnose a lung disease, or check how well a treatment is working. All of our locations provide pulmonary function testing.

Skin Biopsy

We can take a sample of your skin or a suspicious mole in our office and perform testing to see if more follow up is needed.


You may need to have X-rays to diagnose an injury or abnormality. We provide these imaging services at all of our locations, either within our office or with the NHRMC Health & Diagnostics Center next to us at Brunswick Forest.


Illness & Urgent Care Visits

When you’re sick or injured and it is not a medical emergency, call us and we’ll see if we can get you in the same day for an assessment or treatment.

Joint Injections

We’ll perform joint injections to help reduce inflammation and/or swelling of tissue surrounding a joint.

Minor Surgery

We can perform a number of minor surgical procedures in our office including stitching a wound, removing ingrown toenails, removing skin lesions, and cryotherapy.

Sports Medicine

We treat the types of injuries that can result from exercise and sports, and help you develop routines that can help prevent future injuries.

Outpatient Behavioral Health Services

If you are an existing patient in need of mental health services, New Hanover Medical Group offers access to services from a licensed clinical social worker whose office is conveniently located within NHMG's Myrtle Grove location. 

Although your NHMG provider may refer you for outpatient behavioral health services, those services are separate from those administered in your practice and will be billed separately.

NHRMC ExpressCare

When you have an injury or illness that doesn't need emergency treatment but you don't want to wait to see your doctor, NHRMC ExpressCare offers walk-in care during extended hours.

Caring for you and your family alongside the team at New Hanover Medical Group means access to laboratory and diagnostic services available on-site, as well as a closer connection to primary care services in the same location.

NHRMC ExpressCare is available at our Autumn Hall and Brunswick Forest locations.

Services include:

  • Assessment and treatment of wounds, sprains and strains
  • Care for beach-related issues, such as jellyfish and stingray stings, sunburn and heat exposure
  • Physicals including sports, school, camp and FAA Flight physicals
  • Immunizations for flu and tetanus
  • TB testing
  • Workers’ compensation evaluations