Diabetes Education Programs

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If you have been diagnosed with diabetes or have had trouble managing your diabetes, Novant Health Internal Medicine can teach you the skills necessary to self manage this disease by trouble shooting problems and preventing complications from occurring. We offer individual consults as well as group programs to any patient who has a diagnosis of diabetes, including patients who have Type 1 diabetes, patients with gestational diabetes, and patients who wear insulin pumps

The Tools You Need to Control Your Diabetes

Living well with diabetes can be complicated, but we can help with special instruction on the following topics:

Healthy Eating

What you eat is critical to feeling well and staying healthy when you have diabetes. We’ll teach you how to make food choices to “build your plate” in a way that is satisfying to the palate, but will still control blood sugars. We also teach carbohydrate counting in both grams and in servings.

Physical Activity

Any physical activity is important when you have diabetes. We will discuss the positive impact that physical activity has on diabetes.


Knowing your blood sugar reading is the first step in managing your Diabetes. We’ll teach you what the numbers mean and what to do with them to manage your diabetes so that you can prevent complications from occurring.

Managing Medications

Learning what your medications do to help with your diabetes is extremely important. Even more important is to learn when to take them and how to take them. Staying compliant with taking medications is key to managing diabetes. We will teach you how your diabetes medications work and why you may be taking more than one medication to help control your diabetes.

Preventing Complications

It is important to understand both acute complications such as hypoglycemia and long term complications such as blindness, kidney disease, and heart disease. We are here to teach you how to treat hypoglycemia and how to prevent long term complications from occurring or progressing.

Meet Our Team

Our team includes:

Maya Y. Peltsverger, MD, FACS, Board-Certified and Fellowship-trained Endocrinologist. 

Linda Wooley, RN, BSN, Certified Diabetes Educator, Insulin Pump Instructor and Continuous Glucose Monitoring System Instructor.