NHRMC Surgery Navigation Center (Located in the NHRMC Medical Mall)

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2243 S. 17th Street
Wilmington, NC 28401
Office Phone: (910) 667-6001
Fax: (910) 6670-5032

Designed with the goal of helping you understand your surgical procedure and what you need to do to recover as fully and quickly as possible, the Surgery Navigation Center makes scheduling and having your surgery easier. Our team of experts will communicate with you clearly about what you need to know about our pre-screening process, your specific surgical procedure and what you can expect before, during and after surgery. They also make sure that you are ready for your upcoming procedure.

What to Expect During Your Visit

Before your surgery, a Surgery Navigation Nurse will call you to set up any interviews, appointments, or testing that you might need before your procedure. Some patients only need a phone interview to gather information about their medical history.

If your procedure requires you to come to the Surgery Navigation Center to be seen by a provider, you will schedule a time to come in. During your visit, your nurse will help plan any care you need before your procedure. In addition to medical evaluation, our team will also discuss pre-surgery instructions and information about your specific procedure. 

How to Prepare for Your Visit/What to Bring

  • Photo identification
  • All over-the-counter and prescription medications in their original containers
  • Insurance information
  • Any papers that your surgeon or physician has given you to bring
  • A copy of your living will or health care power of attorney if you wish to have it scanned into your medical record
  • Sign up for NHRMC MyChart to securely access your medical record