Visitor Information for Transferred Patients

New Hanover Regional Medical Center's Airlink/Vitalink transport teams are comprised of highly trained professionals who can provide the best care possible for those who may be sick or injured. Please feel free to ask questions and talk with them as needed.

To help ensure easy and safe transfer of your relative or friend, please regard the following information:

  • Talk with staff at the hospital to make sure the patient's valuables are secure
  • Talk with staff at the hospital or the transport team to verify the patient's destination
  • Confirm directions to NHRMC or Cape Fear Hospital prior to leaving
  • Do not leave the referring hospital before the patient has left
  • Do not follow too closely behind the ambulance
  • Do not try to keep up with the ambulance

Parking at NHRMC is available in the visitor's parking area in front of the hospital, and at the Emergency Department entrance. After 9:00 PM enter through the Emergency Department entrance only.

Parking at Cape Fear Hospital is available in the visitor's parking area in front of the hospital, and to the right of the Emergency Department entrance.

Individuals are located at the information desks in the Emergency Department and the main entrance for both  hospitals. They can direct you upon your arrival. Please respect visiting policies, which are available for each unit.

Useful numbers:

NHRMC Main Hospital: 910-343-7000
NHRMC Emergency Department: 910-343-7919
NHRMC STICU: 910-343-7786
NHRMC CCU: 910-343-7687

CF Main Hospital:  910-452-8100
CFH Emergency Department: 910-452-8750
CFH Intensive Care Unit: 910-452-8456