SERAC Hotline

Southeastern Regional Advisory Committee Trauma Performance Improvement Hotline

1-866-SERAC NC

WHO can use the SERAC Hotline?

  • Anyone concerned about the quality of care of a trauma patient

WHAT should be reported?

  • Delays in care whether related to a system issue, process or provider
  • Communication issues
  • Pre-hospital concerns
  • Patient management issues

WHEN to call?

  • Call as soon as an occurrence is identified. The hotline is available 24-hours a day

WHERE is it available?

  • The hotline is a toll free number, accessible to all trauma care providers in the region of southeastern North Carolina

WHY have the hotline?

  • The SERAC hotline was developed as a means to provide trauma care providers with feedback, and to address any occurrences related to the care of trauma patients

HOW to use the hotline?

  • Essential elements of your SERAC Hotline call:
    • Caller name (which is kept confidential)
    • Location of occurrence
    • Phone number where caller can be reached
    • Date and time of occurrence
    • Brief description of occurrence, concern, or question

The SERAC Manager will follow-up with all calls made to the SERAC Hotline.

Thank you for your assistance to improve the quality of care and outcomes of trauma patients throughout the region!