SERAC works to standardize emergency care procedures for the more efficient treatment of patients. The following are explainations to guidelines established for that purpose. For the documents please see links in the document library to the right:

Burn Guidelines - To ensure positive outcomes for burn patients through immediate intervention and appropriate treatment by pre-hospital and emergency department personnel Interfacility

Guidelines for Ground vs. Air Transport of Trauma Patients - SERAC Guideline #2

Interfacility Transfer Guidelines - SERAC Guideline #1, Level I, Level II, Level III or Local Hospital

Guidelines for Nursing Care - Nursing Care for the trauma patient is a standardized, systematic, and organized approach to assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation using the nursing process

Pediatric Guidelines - To provide a consistent approach to care of the pediatric trauma patient and to facilitate identification of injured patients that would benefit from early transfer to a comprehensive pediatric emergency facility

Transfer Guidelines - To ensure major trauma patient identification, treatment, and delivery to the most appropriate facility in the least amount of time