For details of the following programs please contact:

Karine Eason, PI Coordinator

Multidisciplinary Trauma Teleconference

Multidisciplinary Trauma Conference is the forth Tuesday of every month
12:00-1:00 pm AHEC Auditorium
Approved for 1 hour CME/Trauma Education
Available link:

Trauma Nurse Core Course (TNCC)

The TNCC is the Emergency Nurses Association’s commitment to providing a standardized educational program that will enhance the knowledge of nurses caring for trauma patients. TNCC has served as the standard of practice for providing Trauma nursing care to patients who have sustained injuries induced by all mechanisms.

Emergency Nurse Pediatric Course (ENPC)

This offers the provider with information on the treatment of the pediatric trauma patient. The ultimate goal of ENPC is to improve the care of pediatric patient in the emergency care setting and increase the skill and confidence of nurses who care for children worldwide. The course is intended to increase the cognitive and technical skills necessary to care for the pediatric population.

Packing a Patient for Transfer

Trauma Services collaborates with members of the AirLink flight program, to provide comprehensive training to trauma care providers at referring facilities. Physicians, nurses, and support staff learn to efficiently prepare a multi-trauma patient to be transported to the Trauma Center. Education includes, but is not limited to, complete spinal immobilization, airway stabilization, IV access, administration of medications, initiating transfer of the patient, and providing pertinent patient information during report.

Trauma Talk

This is a variety of one-hour lectures covering a trauma related topic, including such subjects as burns, pediatric, and geriatric considerations. Guest lecturers from throughout the area present specialized educational offerings from their area of expertise.