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SERAC SMAT LogoOur Vision
Enhance medical care to persons involved in disasters, man-made or natural, through cooperation of area hospitals and medical societies within Southeastern North Carolina, and beyond.

Our Mission Statement
Through regional disaster response plans, assist the Southeastern Region or State of North Carolina by providing a rapid coordinated response of medical care and equipment to persons involved in man-made or natural disasters.

SMAT is one of eight Regional Type II hospital based disaster medical teams that have been provided by the North Carolina Office of EMS (NCOEMS), through the Division of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The SERAC team is currently under development and awaiting the delivery of the Level II Equipment from the State of North Carolina.

Team members have been identified and will include representatives from each member hospital around our region of operation. Deployment teams will including but are not limited to:

  • Medical Doctors
  • Registered Nurses
  • Paramedics
  • Pharmacists
  • Disaster Preparedness Specialist

Other personnel have been identified assist during a deployment are:

  • Mental Health Support Service Communications Professionals
  • Hazardous Material Specialists
  • Veterinary Agriculture Professional

State expectations are that SMAT respond our own SERAC region 6 and statewide within 12 hours, once notified. Each member will be required to attend initial 26 training, with 50% the team attending an additional 10 hours of training.

While initial involvement in the team is voluntary, each member of the actively deployed team may be paid by their respective organization for their time involved in the deployment. Hospitals that send employees can be reimbursed the cost of the employee's salary through Mutual Aid Agreements (MAA) between hospitals.

Prospective members who are strickly looking to volunteer can join the team under the title of Medical Reserve Corp. (MRC). MRC members are volunteers who ar not able to be reimbursed in any way, but are covered by special Workman Compensation and Liability Legislation. For more information please see the MRC membership page.

  • Please see the NEW membership Application  (Signature is required. Please print and fill out by hand.)
  • Please see the NEW Regional Disaster Plan
  • Please see the NEW SMAT Training Schedule