Basic Training

The following SMAT II Training Modules and respective quizzes were funded through North Carolina Office of Emergency Medical Services by  Health Resources and Services Adminstration Hospital Bioterrorism Preparedness Grant 2003.

Incident Command Systems  - Upon completion of this module, the student will have an understanding of various ICS applications, basic ICS organization,  and general and command staffs.

Hazardous Materials Awareness Review - The student will review how to determine the hazardous material present and basic response information by learning how to detect the presence of HazMat's, and surveying them from a safe distance.

Strategic National Stockpile- upon completion of this module the student will: appreciate the importance of the SNS, know the three primary receiving sites in North Carolina for the full SNS package, list three site selection requirements for the SNS Dispensing facility, and list the three types of suggested types of buildings for the SNS Dispensing Site.

Medical Surge Resources - The resource manual information is based upon existing knowledge of teams either operational or under development. Outlines and objectives are listed after the prologue for instructor reference and measurement.

Establishing an Alternate Care Facility - This learning module has the primary purpose of education healthcare providers on ACF establishment and management.