Disaster Preparedness

SERAC works to standardize emergency care procedures in the event of a disaster. 


SERAC maintains various formal documents that outline the regions operational profile during times of Disaster.   

Regional Disaster Plan (2011): This plan provides guidelines, establishes protocols, develops concepts, identifies tasks, lists responsibilities, and provides resource management information necessary to provide a regional response in support of an incident that exceeds the ESF-8 capabilities of local jurisdictions.

Regional Risk Assessment (2013) Envirosafe was the firm contracted to complete the following multi-phase project: 1) A baseline invenrory of ESF-8 assets and resources; 2) Individual region/coalition risk assessment focused on public health and medical; 3) A baseline evaluation of RAC/HCC capabilities verses risks and hazards, as well as the established performace measures. 


Deployment Photos, Protocols, 200 FOG, Treatment Procedures, Orientation Packets, Mission and Vision, Basic Training including training modules and quizzes, Continuing Education including Support Equipment, Incident Command, and Medical Equipment. Some of the information requires you to sign on  at Member Sign In. If you do not have a log-in and password you can request one from our administration.

If you are interested in joining the SERAC SMAT (team), please contact

Hans.Edwards@NHRMC.org, SERAC Emergency Response and Recovery Manager

You may also go to  WWW.SERVNC.ORG  to enter your application information.
*Be sure to Affiliate with either Southeastern Regional Advisory Committee SMAT II or MRC