Call Rooms

  • Sleeping provisions
  • Private shower facilities
  • Computers, printers and telephones


  • Annual fund for book purchases
  • Personal Digital Assistant reimbursement
  • On-call meal allocation
  • Off-campus housing allowance for off campus rotations

Resident Lounge

  • Large screen television
  • Variety of coffee, tea and soda selections
  • Complimentary refreshments

Lab Coats

  • Two personalized, embroidered lab coats provided each year
  • Laundering services for these lab coats is done at no cost, through the Medical Center laundry


  • Tobacco free grounds
  • Three on-site dining facilities with discounted healthy options
  • Physician designated, free parking in a covered garage
  • Employee Pharmacy located in main concourse

Electronic Medical Record System

  • Efficient reporting for research studies
  • Eliminates illegible medical records
  • Increases consistency in the hand-off process

Library Resources

  • Access to the statewide AHEC Digital Library
  • Access to UNC Chapel Hill's Health Sciences Library
  • Librarians assigned to specific residency programs
  • Hard copy resources available for check-out and reference


  • Opportunities for formal away rotations to supplement learning experiences
  • Funding for research presentations at regional and national conferences
  • Medical mission trips available in some programs

Retirement Savings

  • Authorized payroll deduction
  • 403b and 457c options
  • Transferable upon graduation


2015-2016 Academic Year Salary

  • First Year Resident - $49,054
  • Second Year Resident - $50,555
  • Third Year Resident - $52,012
  • Fourth Year Resident - $53,534
  • Fifth Year Resident - $54,946

Confidential Counseling, Medical, and Psychological Support Services

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) managed by independent, off-site counseling service
  • Access to individual counseling sessions with the Director of Behavioral Medicine
  • Employee Health and Clinic for health assessments, immunizations and illnesses

Career Planning Resources

  • Professional development seminars (CV Writing, Employment Contracts, etc)
  • Access to regional hospital recruiters

Core Benefits

  • Dental Insurance to help pay for preventive, basic and major care
  • Long-term Disability Insurance to replace 60% of base salary
  • Life Insurance up to $10,000.00 with the option of purchasing additional coverage
  • Vision Insurance that includes a $150 annual expenditure for eyewear
  • Health Coverage effective the first of the month following the hire date
  • First year residents receive 22 paid days off; all other residents receive 27 paid days off
  • For salary information, visit FREIDA

Employee Fitness Center

  • Open 24 hours, seven days a week exclusively for employees and their eligible dependents
  • Equipped with a variety of cardio, strength and conditioning machines
  • Includes an indoor walking/running track and group exercise classes
  • Drop-in childcare

Additional Benefits

  • Employee Discounts 
  • Children’s Learning Center, a Five-Star rated facility for hospital employees
  • Adoption Assistance – Receive up to $3,000 to apply to adoption fees
  • LegalShield
  • College Savings Plan

Download the complete Residency Programs House Staff Manual in PDF format by clicking here.