Internal Medicine Conference Schedule


Education and Teaching Conferences

A comprehensive series of daily conferences is designed to review the multiple facets of Internal Medicine. Resident participation is actively encouraged with current cases often serving as a focus of attention. Information is shared daily at morning report at 8:00 am. Noon conferences are scheduled every weekday from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. where lunch is provided. Faculty members, local physicians, and outside speakers provide noon conference presentations.

A weekly Grand Rounds occurs at 8:00am on Wednesday. This program is designed to provide participants with clinical updates and state-of-the-art discussions of the pathophysiology of disease, as well as an appreciation of the management of disease from a contemporary perspective. Faculty from other medical schools contribute to Grand Rounds frequently, in addition to local and Chapel Hill-based UNC faculty; the latter present 2 of the 4 Grand Rounds each month. This triad of local full-time faculty, private attendings, and Chapel Hill-based faculty provides important diversity that enhances our program.

When the Chapel Hill faculty present each month the conferences are followed by resident and student case presentations, with academic discussion by the visiting speaker. Guest faculty are also invited from other medical schools to provide a varied exposure. The conference schedule is designed to emphasize practical aspects of clinical care with the core curriculum in perspective.

A weekly multidisciplinary Tumor Board provides exposure to an academic discussion of contemporary issues in Oncology. Attention is given to academic considerations, including basic sciences and research activities. Monthly Interdisciplinary Grand Rounds on the third Friday of each month are devoted to social, economic, legal and ethical aspects of medical care; this is an occasion when all 4 local residencies participate.

Conference Schedule Template