Marlene Sigler Scholarship

Named for beloved NHRMC team member Marlene Sigler who passed away from multiple myeloma, the award is given to any healthcare professional practicing in the area of cardiovascular care and enrolled in a higher education program.

About Marlene Sigler

Marlene Sigler PortraitDuring her 21 years of service at NHRMC, Marlene Sigler was an advocate for her patients and a champion of continuing education for her staff. Those who knew her were touched by her warm heart, caring spirit and dedication to the patients and staff at NHRMC. 

Honoring the Legacy of Marlene Sigler

NHRMC is proud to award this annual $1,000 scholarship to an individual exemplifying Marlene's characteristics of commitment to cardiovascular care, leadership, mentoring, teamwork and dedication to community service.

Applying for the Scholarship  

Any healthcare professional practicing in an area of cardiovascular care and enrolled in a higher education program is eligible to apply for the $1,000 award toward higher education costs. Applicants should submit:

2019 Scholarship Recipient, Elizabeth Hufham, RN

HUFHAMELIZABETHrn191009001LRElizabeth Hufham, RN, staff nurse in the Coronary Care Unit (CCU), was named the 2019 recipient of the Marlene Sigler Scholarship at the Cardiovascular and Stroke Regional Conference.

Named for the beloved NHRMC team member Marlene Sigler, who passed away from multiple myeloma in 2012, the Marlene Sigler Scholarship is awarded annually to any healthcare professional practicing in the cardiovascular specialty who is enrolled in a higher education program. This $1,000 scholarship is awarded to an individual who embodies Marlene’s characteristics of commitment to cardiovascular care, leadership, mentoring, teamwork, and dedication to community service.

Elizabeth’s notable achievements include holding two nursing certifications (CCRN and CMC), achieving one clinical ladder project for creating a CCU Nursing Resource Notebook, and working on her second clinical ladder to address rapid identification of patients with partial code statuses. She authors the CCU education bulletin board and maintains a resource library and certification center for her peers who are interested in advancing their education or seeking specialty certification.  Her community stewardship includes serving on the Hospital Emergency Response Team and the State Medical Assistance Team.

Additionally, the week after the 2019 Cardiovascular and Stroke Regional Conference, Elizabeth obtained her third nursing specialty certification as a certified heart failure nurse (CHFN). Elizabeth joins a group of 5 other CHFNs who work at NHRMC, and she is currently the only critical care nurse to hold this specialty nursing certification.  The CHFN certification is awarded by the American Association of Heart Failure Nurses’ Certification Board and it reflects a RN who has acquired a core body of specialized knowledge in heart failure and disease management.

2018 Scholarship Recipient, Larry Jordan, RN, BSN, CCRN

larry jordanLarry has committed the past 15 years of his nursing career to cardiac surgery. His role as coordinator of all cardiac surgical services enabled him to develop a robust Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) program which improves patient outcomes through a comprehensive option to support and allow the healing of the most acutely ill heart patients, while focusing on improved quality-based education and care for patients, families, and staff.

Additionally, he facilitated and collaborated with a multidisciplinary group for the development and implementation of quality improvements throughout cardiac surgical services. The programs provide a better care pathway proven to reduce post-operative pain, complications, length of stay and readmissions.

Recognizing his desire to have a greater influence on the care and outcome of open heart surgical patients, Larry’s goal is to expand his education by obtaining a Master of Science degree in Health Administration. 

2017 Scholarship Recipient, Rebecca Ann Guy, RN

Marlene award

Rebecca Ann Guy shows an undeniable passion for her work in cardiac care. During her 20 years providing cardiac care, she has advanced to the CCU where she became charge nurse and preceptor, obtained her EMT, and was active in the implementing the NHRMC Airlink/Vitalink STEMI and Hypothermia protocol.

“Her passion for education is undeniable,” said Dr. Rommel, MD at NHRMC Physician Group- Cape Fear Heart Associates, “It is because of her daily work in educating Congestive Heart Failure patients and nursing staff, we have reduced our readmission rate.”

Her goal is to obtain a Master of Science degree in nursing with a focus in education. She wants to remain at NHRMC to make an impact on our community’s health.

2016 Scholarship Recipient, Rachel Hayworth, RN

Rachel Hayworth, RN, PortraitDuring her time in the CCU, Rachel has established herself as a go-getter and taken on several leadership roles, including critical care practice council and CCU practice council. She has also been promoted to charge nurse. She is quick to respond to rapid responses and Code Blues, and is involved in several quality improvement projects in CCU.

Her passion for education is undeniable, and she is known for saying "every day is a learning day." From the beginning of her employment, she has wanted to precept students and new hires. And to accomplish her goal of becoming a cardiovascular nurse educator, she is enrolled in the Master's of Science in Nursing with concentration in Education at Capella University.

2015 Scholarship Recipient, John Clancey, Exercise Physiologist

John Clancey PortraitJohn has worked in cardiac care at NHRMC for more than 12 years, growing through many different roles including exercise physiologist, cardiac testing, EKG technician, and cardiovascular research. Under his leadership, NHRMC was fourth in the nation in enrollment in one clinical trial. His passion for cardiovascular research has led him to pursue a Master's Degree in Clinical Research and Product Development at UNCW. His goal is to continue to work at NHRMC and grow cardiovascular research.

2014 Scholarship Recipient , Amanda Cummings, RN

Amanda Cummings, RN, PortraitAs a nursing assistant on the cardiology floor, Amanda completed nursing school and remained on the cardiology floor. After one year, she eagerly accepted a position in the Coronary Care Unit at NHRMC.

Amanda has a true passion for educating other staff about cardiac care and is lauded by her peers and manager as a leader in this field. She is an active organizer of the CCU heart walk team. Amanda has been an integral part of the rapid response and code blue team, charge nurse, preceptor, and coach to new graduates, staff and students. She loves teaching so much she decided to teach for free one day a week at Cape Fear Community College while working full time in the CCU. Her passion for learning has led her to pursue a Master's Degree in Nursing Education at East Carolina University.

2013 Scholarship Recipient, David Glendenning, EMT-P

David Glendenning PortraitDavid has shown an undeniable passion for his work in cardiac care. David started his career as a basic EMT in the field, rising to a paramedic, ACLS and ECG instructor of multi-disciplinary health care professionals. He helped build a team approach to the "Pit Crew Cardiac Arrest" resuscitation method. His passion for cardiac care led David to community outreach, leading an initiative that has taught hands-only CPR to more than 13,000 residents.