Field Operations

New Hanover Regional EMS

For patient transfer requests, call Regional Communications at 1-800-282-LINK (5465).

New Hanover Regional EMS provides 9-1-1 emergency pre-hospital care to the residents and visitors of New Hanover County. We have dual paramedic ambulances to ensure excellent care for every patient.  Other response units include Advance Life Support ambulances and Quick Response Vehicles. These support vehicles augment the paramedic ambulances and add versatility to our response capabilities.

Our pre-hospital providers are able to bring the quality care provided by New Hanover Regional Medical Center to the field. NHRMC EMS has long been recognized for its service and operational excellence.

Special Operations

EMS at Wilmington Port The Special Operations Paramedics team was created in response to the unique hazards in the world today.  These paramedics have received specialized training that allows them to operate in non-conventional environments.  Special Operation Paramedics may serve as the medical component of urban search and rescue teams, North Carolina State Medical Assistant Teams (SMAT), and Hazardous Material Response Teams.  Special Operations Paramedics are responsible for delivering, or assisting in the delivery of  vehicle extrication, low/high angle rescue, water rescue, and medical monitoring/rehabilitation.

Water Rescue

Water Rescue ProgramThe New Hanover Regional EMS Water Rescue Program is a seasonal response plan that corresponds with the local tourist season, from May through September.  The program's primary function is to supplement area lifeguards that protect the beaches and assist in water rescues when more assistance is required.  Operating in New Hanover County and its beaches, the program includes paramedics with specialized water rescue training.  Water rescue teams use a specially designed and equipped QRV that provides four-wheel drive access to patients on the beach.

Bicycle Emergency Response Team

EMS-Bicycle Emergency Response Team

Large festivals, parades, bicycles and foot races can make reaching those who are injured or ill a challenge. The New Hanover Regional EMS-Bicycle Emergency Response Team uses specially trained paramedics to reach patients when ambulance access is limited. Because of their mobility, the team is able to navigate through large crowds or off-road areas with ease. Along with their quick response, the team members can provide life-saving care. Advanced airways, defibrillation, IVs, medication, and oxygen therapy can all be initiated by the team.

Often used as a transport arm of the Bicycle Emergency Response Team, EMS Gators are all-terrain vehicles that are outfitted with stretchers. The gators can safely transport patients out of a crowd to a designated triage/transport site. 

Tactical Medics

New Hanover Regional EMS provides paramedic level coverage for the Sheriff's Emergency Response Team (E.R.T.). In 1998, a single paramedic was added to the team. Since then, the team has grown to five. The Emergency Response Team is trained and responsible for all high-risk warrants, barricaded subjects, hostage incidents, dignitary protection, etc. Tactical Medics are highly trained to perform advanced level care in adverse environments.