Physician Consults and Communications

To Connect with a Physician at NHRMC

Launch the PerfectServe iPhone or Android mobile application, or dial toll-free 855-DocLink.

New Hanover Regional Medical Center uses PerfectServe to facilitate communications and consults among physicians and clinical staff at NHRMC. This system is being rolled out in phases through the end of 2015.

PerfectServe DocLink

DocLink enables physician-to-physician conversations and secure, HIPAA compliant messaging through the PerfectServe smartphone app. It includes:

  • One-tap, one-number access to every medical staff member. To contact another medical staff member, launch the PerfectServe iPhone or Android mobile application, or dial the toll-free 855-DocLink number. All physicians need is the name of the colleague they wish to reach.
  • Real-time calls and secure messaging. With DocLink, physicians can choose the best way to communicate for each clinical situation.
  • Individual physician control. Physicians can indicate when and how they want to be reached based on time of day and day of week. They may choose to be available for calls and messages; messages only with immediate notification; or unavailable and receive non-urgent messages without notification.
  • Caller-ID privacy with patients. When a physician returns patient calls through DocLink, the office number, not a personal mobile number, appears as the caller ID. Additionally, PerfectServe overcomes anonymous-caller ID block.

PerfectServe Clinician-to-Clinician

The Clinician-to-Clinician app allows physicians to selectively filter and control communications they receive. Hospital calls and messages route automatically – according to each provider’s precise instructions – because PerfectServe assembles and maintains communication workflows, call schedules and contact preferences for every medical staff member.

Getting Started

To get started, all credentialed providers at NHRMC need to:

  • Set up your smartphone on the NHRMC physician wi-fi network. The IS Help Desk is also available to assist at 667-7855.
  • Download the PerfectServe app to your smartphone and set preferences. Support is available via PerfectServe’s 24/7 Help Center at 877-844-7727.