Medical Staff Officers and Chairmen

Senior Officers

William Hope
Mary Rudyk, MD
   President, Medical Staff 
Mary Rudyk MD
Mesha Chadwick, MD
   President Elect, Medical Staff 
Mesha Chadwick MD
Christopher McKinney, MD
Robert Cortina MD
William Hope, MD
Chair, Credentials Committee  
Kevin Cannon MD
Robert Cortina, MD
Chair, Professional Review Committee
Phillip Brown MD
Phillip Brown, MD
Chief Physician Executive
Robert Lubanski MD
Bob Lubanski, MD
Vice President of
Medical Affairs
Clyde Harris MD
Clyde Harris, MD
Vice President of Clinical Excellence
Amy Messier MD
Amy Messier, MD
Vice President of Clinical Integration and Informatics
Joseph Pino MD
Joe Pino, MD
Executive Director
SEAHEC Vice President of GME
Greg Hall MD
Greg Hall, MD
Associate CMIO
Heather Davis DO
Heather Davis, DO
Chief of Staff,
Chief Medical Officer PMH

Department Officers

Britt Starling MD
Jean Nelson, MD
Andrew Bishop MD
Andrew Bishop, MD
Cardiac Services
Michael Jaskolka MDHalley White, DDS
Dentistry/Oral Max
Randall Willard MD
Randall Willard, MD
Emergency Medicine
Charles Talton MD
Charles Talton, MD
Family Medicine
Borden Hooks MD
W. Borden Hooks, MD
General Surgery
Kevin Adgent MD
Frederick Opper, MD
Alex Thomas MD
Alex Thomas, MD
K Brooke Chalk MD
Ashwin Patel, MD
Alan Oester MD
Alan Oester, MD
Jack Bowling MD
Jack Bowling, MD
Stuart Hardy MD
Elizabeth Von Biberstein, MD
Christopher McKinney MDJames Keller, MD
Michael Stoiko MD
Michael Stoiko, MD
Julia Triggs MD
Julia Triggs, MD
Willard Hession MD
Andrew Hall, MD
Mark Morgan MD
Edgar Kirby IV, MD
Specialty Surgery
David Weatherford MD
David Weatherford, MD
Vascular Surgery