Provider Resiliency Program at NHRMC

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NHRMC values the physical, social, and psychological wellness of its employees. The Provider Wellness Initiative is a consolidation of programs and services offered at NHRMC that are each designed to support healthcare providers in developing components of wellness.

What Is Resiliency?

Resiliency refers to your personal set of attitudes, skills, and habits that help you recover from stressors. We emphasize the importance of resiliency on provider wellness.

Wellness can mean several different things, depending on your values and habits. Areas that contribute to wellness include nutrition, sleep, spirituality, recreation, mental health, physical health and fitness, social relationships, etc.

Physician Burnout

One in three physicians experience symptoms of burnout.

Physician burnout is real and has been linked to increased healthcare cost. Developing healthy attitudes and habits that contribute to greater resiliency will help you fight burnout, resulting in better health for you as well as your patients.</p>

Mission of the Provider Resiliency Program at NHRMC

Our goal is to develop a system-wide program to build Provider Resiliency that is goal- directed, measurable, relevant, visible, sustainable, effective, efficient, responsive, timely and adaptable to all specialties.

Focus Areas

  • Wellness Resources
  • Peer Mentoring
  • EHR Efficiency
  • Fostering Community
  • Crisis Intervention

Our Programs & Services

National Suicide Hotline:
(800) 273-TALK (8255)

Spiritual Care: (910) 667-KIND
 or (910) 619-9879 
 Employee Assistance Program: 
(800) 822-4847
Child Care:
(910) 251-0003
 Employee Fitness Center/Nutritionist:
(910) 667-4151
Tuition Assistance:
(910) 667-7049
 Employee Health: 
(910) 667-7445
Retirement (AIG): (888) 568-2541
or (910) 815-5294

Additional Resiliency Resources

During times of stress, uncertainty and other challenges, support for helping to meet these demands is crucial. Resources to build physical, mental and emotional resiliency are an important piece of the puzzle.

Learn more about resiliency resources during unprecedented times and beyond.